by Ed Naile

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago the Town of South Hadley Ma. gave Paul Beecher a checkbook and free reign regarding some project in town?

I think it was.

And now, just before town meeting, Paul Beecher has hit the road to spend more time with his family.

In his letter of resignation to the selectboard, Beecher stated that he and his wife plan to relocate to the Seattle area, where their daughters and grandchildren live, according to Judge.

In a press release, Judge stated: “The selectboard wishes Paul and his family the best. In respect for Mr. Beecher’s privacy, the selectboard has declined any further comment.”

The South Hadley Selectmen are mute on his leaving, wishing him well and keeping the matter private.

They knew exactly how he managed every other municipality before he came to Massachusetts. Kansas City, Dover, Kingman, all were glad to see him go.

So now it is South Hadley, Ma. wishing him well and no comment.

Keep in touch Paul, taxpayers in NH want to follow your career.