On Wednesday, 6-1-2011 the NH Senate is scheduled to vote on HB 146. HB 146 is designed so that jurors are notified of their rights to judge the application of a law prior to deciding a case.

On 5-26-2011 the NH Senate Judiciary Committee voted HB 146 Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL) by a vote of 2-2.

Please encourage your NH Senator to support HB 146 by voting NO to overturn the ITL recommendation, and then voting to pass the bill when it gets to the Senate floor. Feel free to remind him or her that it is part of the NH GOP Platform, passed the NH House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 17-1 and passed the House on a voice vote. Please call, email, and spread the word.

Look Up Your NH Senator Here: NH Senate Members