Jim Leiterman, Moultonborough

The February 17th editorial in the Citizen, entitled “SB2 is no magic answer,” provides a mixed message about SB2, its effect and purpose. Let me clarify that.

The original and sole purpose of SB2 is; 1) to separate the discussion from the voting and 2) allow every registered voter of the town to cast a secret ballot during a continuous 12-hour period or by absentee ballot, if unable to cast it in person because they are in the military, sick, away on vacation/traveling or have to work.

The net result is that a greater percentage of taxpayers get to vote and have their voices heard on the taxes and issues that will affect them directly, compared to the old Town and School meetings. That’s the main purpose of SB2.

Much ink has been spent decrying the low attendance at Deliberative Session which supposedly results in uninformed voters. However, there is no valid, realistic quantification of that claim because a registered voter need not pass an exam before casting his vote.

Yes, it is entirely up to the individual to inform himself. With modern communications, they have ample opportunity to become educated on the issues before voting day. And they should.

Nevertheless, the incontrovertible bottom line is this: the sole requisite to vote in New Hampshire is to be a registered voter of the town–period.