by Steve MacDonald

The Democrats latest rallying cry is that we can’t cut the state budget if it means downshifting costs on the towns. But they didn’t seem to care too much about all the downshifting when they were doing it.

But that is what you get when you let left wing clowns run your state. Larsen/Norelli/Buckley Investment Advisers Inc, the Fat Cat Executives of the Tax and Spend Democrat Party of New Hampshire, gave the state government a one billion dollar bonus ($1,000,000,000.00) on the backs of the towns and the taxpayers during a job shedding, wage declining recession.

And we are now to believe this concerns them? The only thing that concerns the Democrats is if and how they can blame someone else for their destruction, and find a way back into power so that the lefts only solution to a billion dollar deficit can be enacted as swiftly as possible.

The democrats one-trick donkey is to create debt so they can raise taxes. The debt is intentional, the complete loss of political power in the state however was not. So as the newly elected Republican majority, which has not chosen to create more taxes to deal with the debt they inherited, is looking for ways to trim spending to stop the bleeding, the democrats are content to cry and take pot shots. So the brilliant financial experts who created the debts are aghast at efforts to cut spending–any spending.

One of the “experts,” ex-speaker Terie “Billion Dollar Deficit” Norelli, (D-Madoff Investments) commenting in the Union Leader on the latest House GOP budget/revenue estimates and the Republican plan to start by cutting the state budget by 2%…

… She scoffed at the GOP plan, saying the tax cuts amount to $1.22 per resident.

… She (also) said the plan will force costs onto local communities. “It is not right to balance the budget on the backs of local property taxpayers,” she said. “But Bill O’Brien’s plan would do just that. It will cause unnecessary harm to taxpayers, seniors, and our most vulnerable citizens.”

Really? So is a $1.22/resident less government a meaningless press trick (we’re scoffing at that paltry effort), or is it harming taxpayers? And how does that contrast to the inherited deficit of one-thousand million, that’s one billion (or $1,000,000,000.00) dollars in democrat spending for which there was no New Hampshire money when they spent it the first time, and none in any of the years to follow?

Well that’s not so hard to figure out. Terie “Billion Dollar Deficit” Norelli downshifted the left wing agenda onto the backs of New Hampshire residents for a cool billion (for starters), which is at a cost of about $750.00 per resident–money we will have to collect off the backs of the towns and taxpayers, seniors, and our most vulnerable citizens. A billion doesn’t just appear out of thin air, yet the democrats still spent it without caring where it came from.

But they either had to know you would be taxed to pay for the billions or they are the worst fiscal stewards in New Hampshire history and you still have to pay. That must be what the democrats mean by the “Party of Choice.” Pick your poison, either way you get screwed.

But Norelli thinks there is another solution. She and the NHDP have their PR campaign. It is just like that infamous Blue pill from the movie the Matrix. You swallow it and go back to the illusion of competence under left wing management and forget where this deficit came from. You can believe, whatever you want to believe. Forget that they lied about their debt and called it a surplus during the election. Ignore all the cost downshifting they did to make that debt look less like state spending, and more a local problem. Ignore the creative accounting to hide incompetent money management or all the new taxes and fees you have been paying, or the effort to pass another business tax, a soda tax, or all the efforts to pass broad based taxes. The only answer to a Billion dollar problem that democrats can see is to keep taxing and Norelli proves it every time she opens her mouth.

To a democrat the only responsible “cut” is to your income in the form of a new tax to pay for more state spending. If you think that’s not a cram down then you are either in the democrat party or you work in the media.