Next Tuesday in Concord there will be a Public Hearing on HB 180: 1/25/2011 at 11:00 AM in LOB 104

From NH’s Parental Rights group:

HB 180 is coming before the House Legislative Administration Committee for a public hearing. This is a very important bill for anyone who wants homeschooling freedom, because in order to obtain our freedom parents must prevail over the undue influence out-of-state lobbyists, who refuse to register as lobbyists.

Lobbyists are required by law to register and wear orange badges so legislators can know up front with whom they are speaking. Is his person is being paid to present certain ideas? Without an orange badge legislators assume that they are not paid lobbyists.

HB 180 would strengthen our NH lobbying law. It requires registration as a lobbyist for any person who is employed for consideration by another person to present testimony for their client(s) at public hearings before the legislature, or to draft documents, such as legislative bills, for a public proceeding, such as a public hearing before the legislature.

This would be a great opportunity for anyone who believes that HSLDA has taken undue advantage of its power of influence over our legislature for the last 20 years, delaying hearings for an hour and a half while they submit last minute amendments to the original home education bill and drafting home education laws, from which they financially benefit. All of this influence without registering as lobbyists and wearing an orange badge.