In a letter to the editor in today’s (July 17, 2010) Laconia Daily Sun, it was reported that two Moultonborough public officials were given Cease and Desist orders over an SB-2 flyer that was sent out by a “mysterious committee”.

In his letter, Rick Heath said that Laurie Whitley, former School Board chair and Karel Crawford, former BOS chair were sent the order which included “numerous citizens” .

The issue was that the unsigned flyer violated RSA 664:14.

During his quest to find information, Heath also stated that the current School Board Chair Mark Borrin responded that no one had received any contact from the AG’s office in relation to this matter when in fact, Heath had obtained copies of the investigator’s notes detailing conversations that the AG’s office had with the school board and superintendent.

The question Heath still asks is ‘Where did they get the mailing list?”

The question we have is, where was the newspaper report on this?

Note: In a related issue, the perpetrators of the Hampton Yellow Flyer scandal have yet to be apprehended.