The Home School Legal Defense Association recently filed a friend of the court brief in a New Hampshire custody case because the trial court’s decision could detrimentally affect homeschoolers. The New Hampshire Family Court ordered a homeschool girl into public school, even though it acknowledged that she was excelling both academically and socially while being homeschooled. The court applied the “best interests of the child” standard and implied that homeschooling is unable to adequately meet the needs of adolescent children. The homeschool family is being represented by an Alliance Defense Fund attorney and has appealed the decision to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly, joined by CHENH, filed a brief to the New Hampshire Supreme Court explaining the numerous advantages of homeschooling and summarizing the overwhelming amount of evidence showing that homeschooling is perfectly capable of meeting the developmental needs of adolescent children.

For more information or to read a copy of the brief, see: HSLDA Brief
This as a potentially serious threat to NH homeschoolers as it sets a very ominous precedent in the NH courts against homeschooling.