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The LLC tax: Blatant partisan trickery

By CNHT | February 14, 2010

Union Leader

In an attempt to clarify these misleading mailers from Jeff Goley sent out under the name of the NHDP/Raymond Buckley, the Union Leader apparently did a little digging and came up with the opinion that “…the state Democratic Party is misleading the voters of Senate District 16 in a desperate attempt to trick them into electing their candidate over the one who actually does oppose the LLC tax and has promised to try to repeal or reform it — Rep. David Boutin.”

“When the Democratic Party figures that the only way it can get its candidate elected is to falsely adopt the position of that candidate’s opponent, that’s a pretty sad commentary on the popularity of the party’s own agenda.”

And now, we have had reports of sightings of new Goley signs popping up in Manchester that say “Jeff Goley: NO state income tax.”

These signs were paid for by the New Hampshire Democrat Party — the same party that supports an income tax — for a candidate who has opposed motions to kill income tax bills and who voted against a constitutional amendment to ban an income tax.

Read the whole article here…

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