The Goffstown School Deliberative session is Monday evening, February 1 at 7:00 PM at the Craig Hieber Auditorium, Goffstown High School. The town deliberative session is Wednesday the 3rd.

It is IMPERATIVE that Goffstown residents attend this crucial meeting. There, motions to adjust the school budget, both upwards and downwards, will be made. However, steps have been taken to insure this year that votes on these motions will be taken by SECRET BALLOT. As such, you will be afforded the opportunity to vote privately, without fear of reprisal or repercussion. Estimated tax increases when all of this is over is in the $4.00 per thousand range with estimates even higher. An approximate increase to your tax bill of 23% and it never goes away and will only get higher year after year.

Linked is this FLYER that appeared in the Sunday News. Please print and distribute this to as many registered voters as possible. No matter where you stand on the issues, your presence – and you vote – can and will most certainly make a difference Monday night.

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