From Fosters…

According to an article in Foster’s, Governor Lynch and the NH Majority leaders have REFUSED to sign a letter opposing a bill that would harm New Hampshire both fiscally and with regard to health services it might offer its people.

“House and Senate Republican leaders have sent a letter to Sens. Gregg and Shaheen expressing their concern about the proposal before the Senate.

“The impact of this legislation will have far-reaching consequences, including the downshifting of costs to the state level over the next several years. If the administration’s bill becomes law the list of Medicaid recipients in the state would grow without additional funding,” House Republican Leader Sherm Packard and Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon wrote”

Further, “The lawmakers also asked the former governors to vote against the bill, and they say Gov. John Lynch, Senate President Sylvia Larsen and Speaker Terie Norelli “were asked to sign onto the non-partisan letter in meetings last week. They all declined to sign.”

Read Full Article Here – N.H. GOPers urge Gregg, Shaheen to block Senate health bill