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Lovejoy, Groen and Forsythe Statement on LLC Tax

By CNHT | December 14, 2009

Update: Public Hearing on LLC Tax will be on December 16, 2009 at Howard Recreation Center (Gov Hugh Gallen Campus) across from the DRA building. Park in the DRA parking lot at 109 Pleasant Street in Concord. The hearing will still be held at 10:00 AM.

Former Sen. Lovejoy stated “its inconceivable that the Governor’s Revenue Administrator Kevin Clougherty thinks that one public hearing is sufficient to receive input regarding drastic changes to the way small business owners are taxed when the tax was proposed in the eleventh hour of this years budget without any public hearing. This tax is nothing more than an income tax from a Governor that has continually stated his opposition to an income tax”

The 5% LLC tax was part of the budget approved by the Democratic controlled Legislature this June after being inserted into the budget during the committee of conference negotiations with no public hearing or input.

Rochester Businessman and State Senate candidate in 2008, Fenton Groen, added “the proposed changes to the LLC tax will have a stifling effect on New Hampshire’s small business community and job creation. I hope Governor Lynch and Senator Cilley will work with us to provide area business owners the opportunity to address their concerns at a local public hearing held in the Rochester area during after business hours before making these drastic changes to the way in which their businesses are taxed.

Jim Forsythe added “its hard to believe the Revenue Commissioner’s claims of transparency when the LLC tax since its introduction has been the complete opposite. The LLC tax was slipped into the budget without a public comment or review, the rules for its implementation are being constructed after its passage, and the Department of Revenue is holding the only public hearing on this significant tax change 9 days before Christmas at 10 am when most small business owners are at work”.

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