The Moultonborough Citizens Alliance tells us that voters there are being subjected to a “telephone misinformation campaign” concerning the upcoming election where they will be asked to approve or disapprove of SB2.

SB2 is a procedure by which the registered voters can vote all day by a secret ballot after having discussed the warrant articles at the public deliberative session(s). The Moultonborough Citizens Alliance has held informational forums and written articles explaining the benefits of SB2 over voice votes or show of hands at traditional town meetings. The MCA has provided only verifiable data from government and related sources

“Calling voters to influence them is fine; it’s a right as a citizen and voter”, said the MCA. But the MCA thinks that voters are being told some very inaccurate and outrageous information such as “If you vote for SB2 you will lose local control. If you care about your kids you will vote against SB2.” They are also being told that “anyone who owns property in Moultonborough can vote if SB2 is passed”. That is a gross inaccuracy. The correct information is that a person must be a registered voter of with the town of Moultonborough. Just owning property in Moultonborough does not give a person the right to vote. Prior to this, a “yellow flyer” (some signed, some unsigned) was sent to residents which cautioned people against voting for SB2.

There is some question of the legality of the activities behind the anti-SB2 campaign, especially whether any “electioneering” was done by public employees with taxpayer funds on public property and public work time.

CNHT stands by its position that the SB2 method of voting takes superiority over the old way of voting and that Moultonborough residents should say YES to SB2.

Please check the section on the left under Ballot Voting for more articles and information on SB2.

A similar telephone campaign of lies is under way in Deering where SB2 is on the ballot for the town.