PRESS RELEASE: Janeway Calls New Hampshire Voters “Wacko”

For Immediate Release
September 22, 2008
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Janeway Calls New Hampshire Voters “Wacko”
Insults anyone who supports offshore drilling

(Loudon) — State Senate candidate Andy Sanborn has chided Harold Janeway for his callous insult to people who support drilling for domestic oil. The Concord Monitor cites a statement Janeway made at a recent press conference, in which he said people who support expanded offshore drilling are “wacko”. National polls have shown a wide majority of Americans support offshore drilling, as part of a comprehensive plan to bring down the cost of gasoline and home heating oil.

“Harold Janeway needs a lesson in respect. For him to call people who support drilling ‘wackos’ is shameful and insulting,” Sanborn said. “I’m looking forward to debating Harold Janeway on the issues in a respectful way, free from these pot-shot insults to New Hampshire voters.”

Sanborn has criticized Janeway for his support of a 17.5% state budget increase, including nearly half a billion dollars in increased spending. Janeway also supports a statewide income tax, hiding his support by claiming Governor John Lynch would veto such a tax. Sanborn’s criticism of Janeway’s record extends to Janeway’s role as a trustee on the New Hampshire Retirement System. Janeway recently approved a $90,000 golden parachute for an employee who quit after only five months on the job.

“Harold Janeway’s extreme liberal agenda is out of touch with New Hampshire values, and bad for New Hampshire,” Sanborn continued. “He thinks anyone who supports drilling is a wacko. I’d hate to think what he thinks of people who don’t support his radical Income Tax plan.”

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