The Coalition of NH Taxpayers wishes to thank the Candidates as well as all those who attended and helped make our event a success, especially those who assisted with setup/cleanup.

In addition to the major Congressional candidates, many local candidates were in attendance. We are pleased to report that a RECORD NUMBER OF PLEDGES were signed.

In attendance:

George Phillies for President (L)

Ken Blevens for US Senate (L)
John Sununu for US Senate (R) (sent staffers)

Joe Kenney for Governor (R)

Peter Bearse for Congress 1 (I)
Jeb Bradley for Congress 1 (R)
Bob Kingsbury for Congress 1 (R)
John Stephen for Congress 1 (R)

Grant Bosse for Congress 2 (R)
Bob Clegg for Congress 2 (R)
Jennifer Horn for Congress 2 (R)
Jim Steiner for Congress 2 (R)

Stephen Stepanek for Executive Council District 5 (R)

Pam Manney for County Commissioner, Hillsborough 3 (R)
Thomas A. Tardiff for County Commissioner, Belknap 1 (R)

Bill Boyd, for Register of Deeds, Hillsborough (R)

The “Dean of the NH Senate” Senator Sheila Roberge was present, and many many current NH House and Senate members and new candidates too numerous to mention.

Organizations who had a presence included:

Americans for Prosperity NH
House Republican Alliance
NH Advantage Coalition
NH Liberty Alliance
Pro-Life NH
Ron Paul HQ
Second Amendment Sisters

…and the Expo Cafe coffee concession.

The “Pledge” is a non-partisan promise to the taxpayers taken by candidates and states they will block all efforts to incur a state sales or income tax. CNHT will continue to solicit a Pledge from those candidates who have not yet committed after the primaries and up until the general election on November 4, 2008.