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Coalition of NH Taxpayers Statement on Passage of “Strong Towns” Bills Currently in Senate

Concord, NH – On March 28, 2024 the NH House of Representatives passed a series of bills that represent “Strong Towns” agenda which advocates for the eradication of single-family neighborhoods. This agenda is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Among the worst was HB 1291 which would turn NH’s single-family neighborhoods into rental nightmares.

”I’m declaring it @StrongTowns day in the New Hampshire House” tweeted Rep. @JoeSweeneyNH (R-Salem) on X. He then went on to praise Rep. @JoeAlexanderNH (R-Goffstown) for his work on getting these bills passed by the “Special Committee on Housing”.

The “Special Committee on Housing” was set up and populated by the very sponsors of many of these bills. Thus it was not surprising that they were rubber-stamped ”OTP” and sent to the floor.

CNHT noted that 67 Republicans (a minority of the total Republicans) voted with 152 Democrats to pass these bills on the House floor. They are now being heard in Senate committees where it is hoped the Senate will stop them.

”It is CNHT’s belief that it is not the state’s purview to mandate local housing choices while allowing tax breaks to developers”, said Jane Aitken, who heads up a 1,300-member taxpayer group in Bedford. This agenda does not benefit the taxpaying families or the middle class as it shifts the burden onto them.”

”The housing situation, if allowed to be manipulated by the state, will only raise taxes and prices on housing, and desecrate existing single-family neighborhoods where owners who purchased were expecting zoning to remain the same. According to a BuilderOnline survey, 80% did not want to eradicate SF neighborhoods, but most people may not even realize it’s happening”, she added.

Rep. Len Turcotte (R-Barrington) is the Chair of the House Municipal and County Government Committee where these bills would normally have been sent. He stated: “’Central Planners’ (politicians and their special interests in Concord) are attempting to mandate zoning under the guise of ’property rights’ onto EVERY municipality in our state with legislation”, drawing the parallels to a centralized plan that once replaced the market.

CNHT is disappointed that the House Republicans sent out two articles in its April 5 Republican Review regarding the efforts by Reps. Sweeney and Alexander and others to promote the “New Urbanism” agenda.

CNHT is also concerned with the ability of legislators to access all testimony on these bills, other than testimony from lobbyists.

”This agenda certainly should not be part of any party’s platform. It is hoped that once these bills cross over to the NH Senate, Republicans will see fit to stop these bills”, Aitken concluded.

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