The John Birch Society are well-known Constitutional Scholars. Here is their statement on the Article V Convention and the defeat of two bills in NH and Maine.

“Exposing the evil of those who would destroy our Republic is the great mission of The John Birch Society. That there is a concerted effort to enslave mankind is evident since the sins of our parents, Adam & Eve, cast us out of the garden. Today, fads and promises of instant success clutter the minds of Americans who simply have forgotten their basic duties, but it is the hard work of our members and their letter writing campaign that assured us our recent victories. Our members know there is no quick fix or some magical formula promising relief. It is the diligent everyday efforts that make victory possible. I will let, long term member and Director of Camp Constitution, Hal Shurtleff summarize our recent victories.”

“Last Week, Wolf PAC’s Cenk Uygur and his “Conservative” allies were handed a defeat in New Hampshire, and this week they were handed a defeat in Maine.” The odious Cenk Uygur, founder of Wolf-PAC, and his “conservative” allies at Convention of States and Term Limits USA were handed a defeat last week in New Hampshire when the New Hampshire House tabled HCR 8 – an application for an Article V Convention – by a 247-99 vote, and today February 20, Maine’s State Senate voted 18-12 against the Motion to Accept Majority Ought to pass report on SP 705 which was a joint collaboration between Wolf–PAC and Term Limits USA, and its lobbyist Ken Quinn.”

“The well-funded pro-Article V Convention lobbyists have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in both states over the past ten years to no avail. It appears that the more money they spend, the fewer votes they get. This is due to the hard work of local activists who take the time to educate their elected officials on this issue. However, we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to rescind all extant applications in both states. Thanks to all of those who helped make these victories for the U.S. Constitution possible.”