HCR 8 is asking for an Article V Convention which we oppose.

1. Our Declaration of Independence is part of the “Organic Law” of our Land; and recognizes that a people have the right to throw off their government and set up a new one. James Madison, who was a Delegate to the Federal “Amendments” Convention of 1787, invoked this Principle as justification for the Delegates’ ignoring their instructions to propose Amendments to the Articles of Confederation, and writing a new Constitution which created a new government and which had its own new (and easier) mode of ratification. For Proof see What the Convention Lobby isn’t telling you about our Declaration of Independence.

2. So James Madison had firsthand experience of an Amendments Convention “running away” and proposing a new Constitution.

This is why James Madison said he “trembled” at the prospect of another Convention. For Proof see this: https://publiushuldah.files.wordpress.com/2022/03/what-the-convention-lobby-isnt-telling-you-about-our-declaration-of-independence-sep-21-2020.pdf

This is why James Madison warned that those who secretly wish for a new Constitution would push for an Article V Convention under the pretext of getting Amendments. For Proof see George Mason Never Said it at endnote 3.

3. And this is why Four (4) US Supreme Court Justices (two Conservatives & two Liberals) warn against an Article V Convention. For Proof see Brilliant Men Warn Against an Article V Convention.

This war isn’t between Liberals and Conservatives or Republicans and Democrats. This war is between those who love our Constitution and wish to protect it; and those who seek to get rid of it and impose a new one.

4. New Constitutions are already prepared! Here are the proposed new Constitutions which are already online. See ## 1 and 12. And do read the footnote to #1. That is Chief Justice Warren Burger’s (a BIG Liberal) letter to Phyllis Schlafly (a BIG Conservative).

Don’t buy a pig in a poke.

Note: What is happening in Maine is lobbyists for Term Limits USA are working with the likes of Wolf-PAC, a far-left organization that is pushing for an Article V Convention to pass an amendment to give the federal government control over all elections.

Read how George Soros is credited with bankrolling the passage of Wolf-PAC’s first application in Vermont in 2014. That application is similar to the Wolf-PAC application within SP 705 in Maine, that just passed committee with the help of at least 3 Maine Republicans.