SB 343This bill allows school districts to contract with a health care provider, health system, or community partner to establish a school based health center for the purpose of providing services to students beyond the scope of school nursing services.

We cannot understand why this progressive bill was proposed by Republican sponsors.

For those of you who were politically active in 1990s, you may remember President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. Reich not only wanted to connect labor to education, but wanted to impose a ‘community-based school’ model on the US. This was also a Hillary-care idea or ‘womb to tomb‘.

The “community base school” is outlined here in this article from Loyola University.

Briefly, it explains how the ‘community based school’ model is a ‘progressive’ idea:

“Originating from the progressivism movement of the early twentieth century, the Community Schools Model approaches schools as “community social centers,” striving to address the needs of a community beyond the traditional role of schools. Social reformers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw schools as the ideal place for these social centers. They believed that schools should be the center of a community, providing beneficial social services and serving as a place for intra-community dialogue. Throughout the twentieth century, community schooling saw several eras of resurgence in different iterations, adjusting to the unique circumstances of unique eras and communities, demonstrating the potential of the model to be a dynamic tool to address the issues and problems facing individual communities.”

In addition to the problems some may have with an education model that merges with health and other social services, we wonder why there is no fiscal note attached?

Are we on the slippery slope to THIS model: The School of the Hub

We cannot imagine the possibility of treating students with mental illnesses and/or drug addiction on the same campus as children in a normal school setting.

Read more about education at Deliberate Dumbing Down which contains valuable information from someone who served second in charge at the Department of Education during President Reagan’s presidency.