The NH Advantage is under attack. Sadly your own tax dollars are being used against you.

Regional planning groups, state-created “commissions” (basically taxpayer-funded lobbyists created by Governors when they can’t get their bills passed normally) and other quasi-governmental groups that take state funding have and agenda. If this continues NH is doomed unless we make it illegal to fund them.

For example, St. Anselm’s “Center for Ethics” is creating a “Zoning Atlas” on the premise that developers need to have better access to this data. However we all know that zoning has little to nothing to do with “ethics”. They plan to single out and target places that are a strongly SF-zoned. Because once something is counted and tracked, the next step is to either tax it, or at least have full influence and control over it.

Groups installed in our universities such as “The Carsey Institute’s Center for Public Policy” at UNH, a liberal foundation (of which many Republicans brag about having been a ‘graduate’) push for similar “social” issues in government.

Outside for-profit ‘consultants’ are often hired to direct the rewriting of NH’s town master plans, which often means the town will be urged to accept ‘new urbanism’. These taxpayer-funded foundations, regional groups that claim to have no authority, and lobbyists residing right inside the statehouse will be the death of the NH Advantage.

The policies being advocated are no different than the Obama-era AFFH Act.

See some of their propaganda:

See this WMUR-TV interview with Rep Joe Alexander (R) who mentions the “Zoning Atlas” and thinks government should manage housing. He also attended UNH’s “Center for Public Policy”.

An outside group Camoin Associates was hired to advise Keene to accept the use of “public money” to provide housing. Outsiders are also often hired to rewrite master plans. The city’s contract with Camoin was paid for through state funding from Gov. Chris Sununu’s $100 million InvestNH housing fund.

It could happen here. Do you really want the STATE to tell your town what it needs to build and to keep awarding your tax dollars to do it?