Pam Brown, School Board member, is recommended by NKTA for re-election. Here is some of what she has done and stands for.

To Voters of Newton: Re-elect Pam Brown to Sanborn School Board
from the Carriage Towne News

I have been a member of the Sanborn Regional School District Board since 2016. I am seeking another term as your elected Board representative. Though elected by Newton voters, I serve the students, families, and citizens of our three towns.

I have enjoyed exciting work as a full-time educator for thirty years, and am also a trained economist. My twin passions have always been educational excellence with an eye toward efficient service.

The last two years have been rewarding and busy for our School District. It has been an honor to meet so many accomplished and promising young students. Our district staff and administrators are amazing and dedicated people, and I have enjoyed collaborating with many of them during dozens of work sessions and meetings.

The time required to remain an effective Board member is significant, yet rewarding. In addition to attending our regular Board meetings I also serve as the Chair of two Board Subcommittees – Policy and E.I.S.A. (Excellence in Student Achievement). The subcommittees meet frequently through the year to review information, discuss a variety of issues, and develop recommendations forwarded to the entire Board.

I also served on the Negotiations Subcommittee which drafted our existing staff contracts.

Currently, I serve on the Sanborn Seminary Taskforce which meets year round. I also regularly attend our School Budget Committee meetings and Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) meetings and participated at conferences with other board members from around New Hampshire to explore public education challenges and solutions.

I have enjoyed superb drama and musical performances by our students, visited the Seacoast School of Technology where Sanborn students take classes, and engaged in other activities and events to better serve our district.

Highlights of what I have accomplished as Vice Chair of the School Board and your elected representative include: Initiated School Board’s effort to reform District Math program which also led to the introduction of Kahn Academy SAT tutoring at the High School; Urged the District’s 5-Year Plan include MEASURABLE education goals; Participated in the negotiation of two, voter-approved Staff contracts; Fought to include (paid) Paraprofessional participation at staff meetings; Stopped the proposed $103,000 Public Relations hire; Supported refunds of two school-budget surpluses to the Taxpayers; Argued against a $9 million Tax Hike for capital improvement to allow time for a facilities study and exploration of financing options; and Encouraged citizens to fund new scholarships ($500 raised last year; two more in the works this year).

If you live in Newton, I respectfully request your vote on March 13. I appreciate my time serving our local schools and community.

Dr. Pam Brown