We understand and support the efforts of members of the NH Legislature to try and stop the thousands of out-of-state voters who tip elections in our state.

CNHT has been working to identify non-resident voters and all forms of election law violations since 2000. We have testified over and over again for clean election legislation only to see each proposed bill be held hostage by the courts.

CNHT has taken a different path in stopping illegal voters from taking advantage of our activist courts and ineffective Attorney General’s Office. WE feel the best approach is to persuade the Federal Government to take control of Federal Elections held in NH, especially since a US Senate seat changed hands with just over 1,000 votes in an election where we know thousands of non-residents voted. Our State Constitution is perfectly clear as to who can vote and we ought to enforce it. If we cannot have clean elections in NH because of NH politics, our only recourse is to the US Attorneys.

In conjunction with voter integrity organizations in other states Chairman Ed Naile will be testifying on February 2 in Raleigh, NC in front of the US Civil Rights Commission about voter fraud in NH in an effort to have them take action here.

All that must be done is to adopt Black’s Law definition of “domicile” just like the other 49 states and the English language. If you don’t fix the courts – you lose. They will just drag this past another election as has been going on for years.