Update 2017: The UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which are supported by the ONE organization, have now been renamed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Please note that the school board members listed below were those who served at the time and are not necessarily serving currently.

Update 2010: In January of 2010, NHIOP, yes that’s NH Institute of POLITICS, hosted an event for the ONE Campaign, which included a number of NH politicians both Democrat and Republican, who support and promote the ONE Campaign’s goal of global redistribution of 0.7% of US wealth in the form of a tax to the UN.

The ONE Campaign is not a private charity, but an NGO of the UN that serves as a lobby to push for the UN’s Millennium Development Goals for the world. They seek to force passage of bills such as The Global Poverty Act of 2009, HR 2639, which would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7% percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends, through a global ‘tax’.

This bill is a retread of Obama’s Global Poverty Act of 2007 – S2433


Background: Much of our educational system has been stripped of its local control. Parents and taxpayers who pay for education with their property taxes, should know what is being planned for the curriculum without their knowledge or vote.

State School Board Chairman John Lyons, among other NH Republicans, was a speaker at this event.

According to a June 10, 2009 article from Seacoast Online, School Board Chairman John Lyons stated that NH schools may join Bono’s ONE poverty program if Lyons has his way. [ Full text version of article here: Seacoast Online ]

“The state Board of Education will hear a proposal today from representatives of ONE, a national grassroots effort of more than 2 million people — co-founded by U2 lead singer Bono — designed to raise awareness about the issues facing Africa. The plan is to integrate some of the components of the organization into classrooms throughout the state and, potentially, the country.

Board Chairman John Lyons, a Portsmouth resident and active ONE member, came up with the idea and met with representatives in Washington, D.C. to discuss it.

Parents, taxpayers and citizens should see this as a red alert. Notice that Mr. Lyons did not confer with parents and taxpayers about this first, but he went to DC to cook up this idea? By the time it would be foisted on the unsuspecting public, it would be too late.

There should be obvious and good reason to object to this blatant use of our children as political pawns, using our own tax dollars. The “ONE” campaign is clearly a political agenda, and it does not belong in our public schools. It is a worldwide propaganda tool (Google it and you will find 29 million hits) to promote the redistribution of the wealth among nations, as promoted by the United Nations. This is a similar agenda to IB. (See below) The overuse of the word “ONE” in the last election in reference to a certain candidate may be a chilling reminder of how ‘oneness’ is being promoted.

What would happen if a conservative program were suggested to be installed as a permanent part of the public school curriculum? Perhaps the teaching of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the proper role of each in America should be included as well as the promotion of the UDHR, a document that proposes a policy that is in direct conflict with our Bill of Rights, and other UN efforts to overtake US sovereignty? A document which suggests in Article 29 that the UN is the proprietor of your rights?

“New Hampshire is the right size to be an incubator for all these new programs” Lyons stated

Not only is it wrong to force children to be part of a political campaign, but it is illegal to do it with taxpayer monies, under NH’s compelled speech laws.

If the taxpayers do not want their children to be subject to this sort of thing, it is suggested they write to the NH State School Board and register their strong objections to the idea that this program, or others like it, violate NH’s compelled speech laws. Tell the NH State School Board that you do NOT approve of this program and others like it being integrated into the actual curriculum of public schools and further, demand the schools stop using your children for political pawns.

The general address for the NH State School Board is: ltemple@ed.state.nh.us

So you will know where your correspondence is going, the Chairman is John Lyons and other members are as follows:
Fred Bramante (at large)
Helen G. Honorow (District 5)
Daphne A. Kenyon – (District 3)
Stephen R. L’Heureux (District 4)
Tom Raffio (District 2)
William Walker (District 1)

Here are the minutes of the State School Board meeting that outline what Lyons plans to do.

Parents should be outraged that public schools are already fraught with political agendas thanks to federal programs like Goals 2000, Follow the Child, the most insidious International Baccalaureate, and now the Race to the Top effort to nationalize the system which is supported by Governor John Lynch. Here is NH’s Race to the Top proposal.

[Editor’s Note: Some links may have been moved. Here is NH’s RTTT Page.]

Working with Arne Duncan and Marc Tucker, NH Governor John Lynch had been working with former State School Board Chair Lyonel Tracy and now Chair John Lyons, and many other NGOs and federal agencies such as the National Association of School Principals, the U.S. Department of Education, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and the National Governors Association’s initiatives to redesign our state’s high schools.

None of these organizations or their efforts were approved by voters at the local level.

International Baccalaureate, or IB for short, is a program whereby the taxpayers must actually fork over EXTRA money for tuition, books, and tests (sent to foreign countries for grading) to a UNESCO-partnered group that eventually seeks total control over schools they accept as “IB Schools”. So far, school boards have all but ignored parents and taxpayers who object to their tax dollars being spent for programs which promote anti-American themes in their curricula.

Here is another article at GraniteGrok.com exposing the ONE organization.

Here is the text of the article about the event at NHIOP:

Last night at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, ONE’s Senior Director of Government Relations, and NH native, Tom Hart, gave a presentation on New Hampshire’s role in the fight against global extreme poverty.

We were hosted by our NH ONE Chairs, John Lyons, a Republican who serves as the Chairman of the NH Board of Education, and Joe Keefe, a former NH Democratic Party Chairman and current CEO of Pax World Funds, who is also the brother of Maura Keefe, who serves as Chief of Staff to NH Sen. Shaheen and who recently traveled to Africa with ONE on our Women’s trip. Both of our NH ONE Chairs gave passionate speeches about fighting extreme poverty and saving lives in the developing world, in a room where many ONE members had talked directly to the 2008 Presidential Candidates, including Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney Hillary Clinton, and others.

Tom Hart then spoke about how ONE was created and highlighted ONE members’ efforts during ONE Vote ‘08 in New Hampshire and around the country by showing a short video. Tom then explained how we hold our leaders accountable to the promises that have been made to the world’s poorest people by using our voices through advocacy. He explained the budget process and how ONE fights for targeted programs like the Global Fund, PEPFAR, and Agricultural efforts in order to save lives and lift millions more out of dire, extreme poverty. He then showed our ONE re-cap video of our efforts last year. Tom closed by calling for even greater action this year as ONE continues efforts to urge our elected leaders to take life saving action in Africa and the poorest places on Earth.

After the event, we were able to catch up with many ONE members and community activists, including ONE’s Marine Michael Castaldo (R), State Rep. Shaun Doherty (R), Manchester GOP Chairman Cliff Hurst, and former State Senator Dave Currier who was still sporting his ONE band from our NH ONE Vote launch in 2007, he even took a fistful of ONE bands on his way out the door. We even had a special guests as Tom’s parents even came out to support Tom, and all ONE members life saving efforts.

It was good to be back in New Hampshire, and a great day for ONE, but the fight goes on against extreme poverty and global disease in Africa, and it starts with your voice! Check back for more video from last night’s event.