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Take The Anti-Broadbased Tax Pledge 2016-2018 Session

Pictured below is Dennis Lamare, 2014 Candidate for NH Senate District 21
taking the Pledge at our 2014 Annual Picnic with Chairman Ed Naile.

[Click graphic for larger image]

Pledgers for 2016 If you are an incumbent or a previous candidate for the NH House of Representatives, NH Senate, Executive Council, or NH Governor, and you have already taken the Pledge in 2014 or before, you will be listed for 2016 unless you have specifically rescinded. Just zap us an email if you do not see your name before the primary. We will attempt to include everyone from past years.

You can take the Pledge any time before or after being elected, but of course we'd like to see it before!

Send us your webpage link too, or FaceBook page, if you have one, and we will embed it here as well.

Please note that the Pledge is NON-partisan and thus candidates running as R, L, D, and I are invited to make this promise to the taxpayers. WE HAVE ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT ALL CANDIDATES EITHER BY EMAIL OR VIA THEIR PARTY'S HQ TO ASK THEM TO TAKE THIS PLEDGE. If the candidates or current Reps in YOUR town are NOT on this list, please contact them and urge them to take this important Pledge! This is a basic anti-broadbased taxpayer protection pledge and the minimal that would be expected of anyone calling herself/himself a fiscal conservative. We may not have had contact info for everyone, especially if they do not have a website or FaceBook page.

Pledge-Takers NH Governor, EC, and Senate 2016

Please note that this list is a 'work in progress'.

We will be adding Pledgers right through the primary and up to the general.

2016 Candidates for NH Governor

2016 Candidates for Executive Coucil of the Governor

2016 Candidates for NH Senate

Pledge-Takers House of Representatives 2016

2016 Candidates for NH House of Representatives


[Hillsborough, Rockingham, and Strafford TBD]





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