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Other Documents

All Documents of importance (other than White Papers which appear on the left when viewing the Home Page) will be archived here as well as linked within the article in which they first appeared.

Exeter Lawsuit HB 77
Kurk Budget Document
Democrat 4-Year Assault on NH Advantage
NH Retirement System Annuity Amounts 2009
Grant Vs. Barrington – “To See” Amendments
Right to Know – 2009
Tax Increases for 2009
NH Report for 2009
Hampton’s “Yellow Sheet” Voter Guide
Tax Equalization Rates for NH 2007 [1.2MB]
Commission on Public Financing
Yankee Institute (Conn) – Fifteen Years of Folly [1.8MB]
Atlantic Institute (Vt) – A River Divides It
NH State Budget Facts 2008
NH Tax Burden 1977-2008
Taxing Times October 2008
Administrative Rule 603.10
Administrative Rule 603.15
DRA Commish Retires
Lynch Pledge
Taxpayer Pledge
RTK Commission Report from 2007