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School Spending

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Judicial Government Education Funding Extortion Marches On

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

by Ed Naile
In New Jersey, the State Supreme Court is once again, as has been the norm since 1972, ordering more spending on government schools.
The first case, Robinson v. Cahill 1972, opened Pandora’s Spending Box for schools – without any requirements to measure “progress.” But when Progress is measured by increased spending and removing away [...]

Hampstead Budget Committee Chairman, Jorge Mesa-Tejada, Under Attack by Out-of-Control School Superintendent

Monday, January 18th, 2016

by Ed Naile
Here is what we know now.
During the Hampstead School District Public Hearing on January 12, 2016, the Hampstead School Board showed what is believed to be a publicly funded infomercial presentation in support of Article 2 – $4.5 million Bond Issue/One Story Hampstead Central School Renovation and Construction Project/10-year Bond. The bond includes [...]

SB2 and Default Budgets Legislation HB 1221

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

by Richard Evans,
Reprinted with Permission of the Author
Richard Evans lives in Bedford, and is a former school board member in Londonderry, and a winner of the Josiah Bartlett Center’s “Better Government for New Hampshire” award.

In communities across New Hampshire, school boards are preparing 2016-17 budgets to be voted on in the spring.
This is an excellent [...]

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