CNHT is famous for being proprietors of the original no-broadbased tax pledge which originated with former Governor Meldrim Thomson. The Pledge is taken by many candidates and currently election state officials. (Governor, EC, State Senate, State Representative)

If you are running for State Representative, State Senator, Executive Councilor, or Governor in 2020, you can take the Anti-Broadbased Tax Pledge any time. Once taken, there is no need to take it again, as your Pledge never expires, unless you rescind. Names of candidates from 2018 who are running in again will be automatically included for 2020.

The Pledge

This is the current list for 2020 which will be updated daily per the date inside. New signers and those renewing will have a 2020 date in GREEN on the left. This pledge is your promise never to vote for a broad-based tax which includes a general income tax, general sales tax, or, an increase in a current broad-based tax such as rooms and meals, etc.


Simply send an email to with your name, office held or sought, district name and section, and you will be added to the list or updated. You can add your campaign website for listing, or, an email address where voters might contact you to ask questions. You may use the graphic pictured on the left. Simply CLICK HERE to download a larger copy which you can sign, rescan, and display on your website or use in mailing materials. There is no need to return the actual sheet to us.

Let us know of any errors by emailing

Please note that the Pledge is NON-partisan and thus candidates running as R, D, and I are invited to make this promise to the taxpayers. WE WILL ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ALL CANDIDATES EITHER BY EMAIL, FACEBOOK, OR VIA GENERAL INVITATION POSTED IN NUMEROUS PLACES.

If you are a voter, and the candidates or current officials from YOUR district are NOT on the list, (red) please contact them and urge them to take this important Pledge!