by Ed Naile

As you may have read, outside the main stream media, Michael LaSean Lewis, the “Florida Man” who voted on November 8, 2016 in Hooksett, NH has been arrested by Atlanta, GEORGIA Transit Police and is being extradited to NH for trial for unlawfully voting.

Lewis voted in Georgia in that same 11/8/2016 general election as well as Miami Beach Florida – both using early voting. Early voting is a certain pathway to voter fraud as well as casting a ballot for some person not on the ballot come election day. It is a foolish way to vote. Ballot harvesters love early voting.

Now we get to see how the NH AG’s historically sorry, activist, partisan, Elections Unit behaves with the possible prosecution of Michael LeSean Lewis.

Let’s use vote thief Carl Robert Gibson, a Kentucky man arrested for voter suppression who was posing through Twitter as a NH candidate for a House seat in 2015 – while here in NH again working for…wait for it, the Bernie Sanders criminal campaign for president.

Carl was here in NH to work against Congressman Frank Guinta several years before. He was paid for, in some of his illegal endeavors, by CREDO PAC, a far left, west coast, bunch of the 1% crowd Carl pretends to hate.

To make a long story short, the NH AG’s Office let Carl off by letting him plead to forgery. I would argue that was a political decision.

Carl had an apartment in Madison, Wisconsin, and apartment in Concord, a Honda with two-year expired plates, and on his person when arrested, wait for it…a Kentucky driver’s license from mommy’s house in Kentucky. He had renewed his Ky. License in between voting in Wisconsin and NH.

When the Concord police arrested Carl, they took no phone or computer used in his crime. No statements. The only proof they had was a story written by a Concord Monitor “reporter” who refused to testify. Remember that when you see that teacher union rag on a shelf.

Imagine the hoopla if the general public found out Carl Robert Gibson – Democrat, was committing voter suppression – for real. And he was impersonating a genuine NH candidate for office on behalf of Bernie Sanders and the NH Democrat Party. Carl Robert Gibson was a professional campaign crap weasel here in NH helping the left wing of the Democrat Party whether at their request of not.

Since there was no trial and no evidence taken, the public, except for local activists like me, blogs, and talk radio doesn’t hear much about Democrat voter fraud.

Gibson was the so-called head of some blog along with some other nationally known interstate voter. This creep was stealing votes here in NH out of a residence in Manchester. Carl and Creep #2 got into a court battle over money, etc., so I have some more on that later. But note of this would come out because of the shoddy, work of the NH AG’s Election unit.

Look what the Park Police in DC did to professional boy anarchist, Jason Charter, a guy known to our Gibson:


“Park Police refuses to release my phone making this the second phone they have taken from me. I still haven’t paid off the first phone my Galaxy Ultra 5G (worth $1400). The phone they just took was worth $900. This means the feds have stolen a total of $2300 in cell phones alone.”

Aw, poor little pasty Jason. The Feds are going to prosecute him – so they took evidence he uses being a “ring leader” of violent protests in DC. Jason’s fantasy war against the rich is going to land him in a small room with bars and a toilet with a steel seat.

Our Carl got off easy. He is back writing garbage on the internet.

So, when it comes to prosecuting Mr. Michael LeSean Lewis, how about NH asking some questions like:

Who paid for your plane ticket from Miami to Ma.?
Who paid for the rental car you drove to Hooksett?
You had a Florida driver’s license NUMBER you used to vote. Whose license was it? Lewis is from Georgia, remember. He voted there. His complete criminal history going back to the 90’s is in Georgia – not Florida.
How did you rent a car and fly here without a license?
Who funded your stay? Was it a Democrat activist like Martha Fuller-Clark?
The trip to Miami Beach from your home in Marrietta, Ga. to vote, ho paid for that trip? Would it be a non-profit or a woke business?
Where else might have you voted in NH?

We can judge the recent change in covering up voter fraud, to prosecuting voter fraud at the NH AG’s Office by how they handle Mr. Lewis.