An Endorsement from the CNHT Directors for Dave Wheeler – Executive Council District 5 Primary

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers does not endorse candidates as an organization but in the race for Executive Council we all, as individuals, chose one candidate, David Wheeler.

CNHT focuses on municipal issues. Town and school issues take a lot of work. We work with individuals regarding their property rights, right to know, zoning, town meetings, to name a few.

Consistently through the years there has been one person who always sends us a heads up from Concord about any issue regarding taxpayer rights, pending court cases, and potential legislation.

That person is David Wheeler. Dave is running for Executive Council again.

I will get a call or email from Dave Wheeler and is always best to heed his alerts and advice. We are few and the issues are many.

Over the years CNHT has worked with an had help from many of the candidates in this upcoming election cycle and we know both in this race. I wish all our like-minded conservatives could win.

Dave Wheeler has plowed the Executive Council turf before and has been a great asset to CNHT in the past.