by Ed Naile

As NH citizens watch the most recent leftist riots in Democrat cities, since the most recent video showing a white police officer abusing a black suspect, people seem puzzled by the rapid escalation of the violence and looting.

Our left-wing media whip the hype that cops are killing black Americans just for being black. That helps.

But the unexplored reason for the explosion of rioting and looting is the professional agitators from Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and a gaggle of other groups of hard-core organizers.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers caught one several years ago. He was voting in two of the states he was organizing in, NH and Wisconsin. And he was registered in several others although his home state, Kentucky, was where is driver’s license was obtained.

He was here in 2012 to work against Congressman Giunta’s re-election organizing street action.
And he came back to work for, surprise, Bernie Sanders, in 2016. That is when he was arrested for voter suppression by pretending to be candidate for the NH House, Yvonne Dean-Bailey dropping out of her race at the last minute. It was a lie meant to stifle republican turnout – voter suppression.
He has a long rap sheet from various states doing things just like this.

Carl was, and still might, be a community organizer/activist of the sort working the black communities and college students in our most recent political riots.

CNHT caught Carl Robert Gibson and exposed him when he was arrested.

I sat inches to Carl at his first court hearing and overheard he and his lawyer discuss strategy and timing for his case. Then I went right out to the parking lot of the court on Clinton St. in Concord and reported what I heard to Granite Grok, which we had posted before he even saw a judge that day.
It was highly amusing street justice for Carl.

Carl was defended by a NH attorney and a liberal judge. The Concord Monitor reporter who Carl told he “had a few beers” when he illegally posed as a candidate refused to testify so Carl could change his excuse for posing as a candidate to suppress Republican voter turnout.

Carl wasn’t drunk when he was attempting to suppress a vote. This was Carl’s job, his life. An out of state PAC paid him, and others. A court case would have proven that.

I filed an AMICUS brief with the “court” which the AG’s Office objected to and the judge never read or acknowledged. Carl pled to a lesser charge and off he went. Thank to NH’s Deep State.

No Republican attempting this level of election violation would ever be treated with kid gloves.

When CNHT and other center right groups complain about lack of enforcement of election law and rampant voter fraud – Carl Robert Gibson is the kind agitator that should have been punished when caught.

This is who he is:

“Carl was an Occupy Houston organizer shortly after the launch of Occupy Wall Street, and organized dozens of protests and actions including an interruption of a speech by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) at Rice University, for which he was arrested. Carl has also been arrested at an impromptu dodge ball game played in the lobby of the Houston Hilton in March of 2012 in protest of General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s speech at CERAWeek 2012. He was also arrested at a sit-in at the Mickey Leland Federal Building protesting US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s NO vote on the American Jobs Act, and in New York during a march commemorating the 1st anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.”

You decide.

Do you want left wing agitators like Carl Robert Gibson running around NH organizing “protests” that are actually pre-planned crimes? He is not the only out-of-state operator we have caught.
The people who are supposed to protect NH citizens from these thugs – do not.

Only lawful NH voters can stop these people by electing serious, anti-voter fraud candidates.
Please do your part in every election.

CNHT needs some support.