If you are a New Hampshire citizen who does NOT like non-citizens voting in our General Elections through the use of “Same -Day Voter Registration” fraud, then you will HATE vote by mail. I promise.

The vote by mail scam would work in our state exactly like absentee balloting works now. It will be set up and monitored as strictly as absentee balloting – except ballots would be delivered to potential voters.

Remember – voting by mail will be brought to NH by the same state officials and judges who do not know the difference between the words, “domicile” and “residence”.

Seeing as we have about 10,000 non-citizen voters participating in our elections right now the vote by mail ballots will obviously have to be mailed to those voters as well. Or, ballots could just be simply dropped off in bundles at our State Colleges where 50% of the students pay non-resident tuition – but reserve the right to vote in NH. Would that make our State Colleges greedy, clever, or participants in voter fraud?

NH could have volunteer college students from out-of-state deliver the mail-in ballots by hand. About 1,000 high school and college students worked the phones, offices, and polling station lines in our “First in The Nation Presidential Primary” a few months ago. Out-of-state volunteers would be glad to come back to NH and get college credit for helping out one of our political parties. Some schools have been sending students to “learn” about our primary for decades.

This gets better.

If you want to know how mail in voting will be supervised, by the exact same State Election Officials, I have linked a story I wrote back in 2006 – with photos.

Voter Fraud – Lump at the Dump

In New Hampshire, a lawful, domiciled, citizen will never know who got a mail-in ballot or who voted with one. Our taxpayer funded statewide voter database is top secret as are almost all documents associated with it.

And here is the kicker. Vermont just emailed me their corrected statewide list, as they do every month – for free.

How embarrassing is that New Hampshire?

What is it NH has to hide? Could it be 10,000 non-domiciled voters?