We have been seeing many articles in the press stating that students attending college in NH may vote here. This is CNHT’s statement on that situation:

Non-domiciled students can not vote here unless they have taken an action to become a citizen of NH.

Our State Constitutions says:

[Art.] 11. [Elections and Elective Franchises.] All elections are to be free, and every inhabitant of the state of 18 years of age and upwards shall have an equal right to vote in any election. Every person shall be considered an inhabitant for the purposes of voting in the town, ward, or unincorporated place where he has his domicile.

HAS means an established domicile.
That is the law and has been forever.

If the NHACLU is correct in that out-of-state students can vote here why are they in Federal Court ASKING for that right?

This lawyer is a liar using students for the benefit of Democrats – as usual since 1972. The left wing groups do this every year because liberal NH Superior Court judges let them.