by Ed Naile

The Dan Bongino Show – Most Disturbing Video I’ve Seen In A While (42:55 minutes in)

Dan is disturbed, as anyone would be, by the disgusting attitude of the Seattle City Council as they ignore this scheduled speaker. The speaker mentioned the name of a person who was allowed, the previous week, more than twice the time to speak as he was limited to.

I believe, from a quick search it is: Congresswoman Jayapal

And here is her front-page statement:

“Congresswoman Jayapal is committed to ensuring that every resident of the district has economic opportunity; fairness and equity; and safe and healthy communities. Be the first to hear about News, Issues and Our District!”

As you can see Congresswoman Jayapal is a champion of the little guy – as all progressives are, in legend, but rarely in reality.

The City Council Meeting was chaired by Debora Juarez.

Here is the Wikipedia description of who she wants people to believe she from Wikipedia:

Member of the Seattle City Council from District 5, Incumbent
Assumed office January 4, 2016
Alma mater: Western Washington University (BA), Seattle University (JD)
Occupation: Attorney

“Debora Juarez is a politician on the Seattle City Council, representing District 5 (North Seattle).[1] Juarez, a member of the Blackfeet Nation, was a public defender for indigent clients, and later a private attorney with a focus on providing legal and financial assistance to Native American tribes prior to her election.[2] Juarez has also served as a King County Superior Court and City of Seattle Municipal pro-tem judge, and as the Executive Director of Indian Affairs for former Washington State Governors Mike Lowry and Gary Locke. Debora was sworn into her council seat on January 4, 2016.[3] Her tenure on the Council has been described as “unpredictable” and “lawyerly”.[4]”

Debora Juarez, public defender – but not of the right to speak at a meeting she chairs. Typical progressive with a little bit of power.

And her staff. Chairman Juarez obviously wants to surround herself with a bubble of like-minded liberals who have what looks like a life dedicated to politics as a religion.

And in two minutes these progressives are exposed as complete frauds.