by Ed Naile

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office bagged 21-year-old Spencer McKinnon for voting absentee in Massachusetts and in person here in NH during the 2016 General Election. As usual the conviction is a glass half full.

I have yet to get my hands on the court documents but wonder if the “investigation” of McKinnon involved anything such as obvious questions regarding if there were any “extenuating circumstances” involving his fraudulent votes in a Federal election.

If young Spencer voted in Durham, a huge Democrat voter fraud nest, did anyone from our Cracker-Jack AG Office ask if any election officials, campaign workers, or college employees, encouraged him to vote in NH?

I have some 2001 written statements from previous out-of-state student voters who asked to be taken off the Durham checklist days after voting. One cited being picked up by a Gore/Lieberman van. Campaign workers haunt colleges in NH on election day and moths before enticing students to vote. This begs the question: Why, after just voting, did out-of-students ask in uniform fashion, to be take off the Durham checklist if they thought voting here was legal?

That was a NH AG investigation that netted zero indictments. So activist college employees and local election officials remain in place.

In 2008 I went to Durham to document local officials being held one hundred feet away form registration tables by the Durham moderator. Attorney Chuck Douglass filed a case that day and officials were warned by a Superior Court judge to end that practice immediately.

Remember, there is video of a former UNH professor stalking the line-up of same day student voters asking them if they are “going to do the right thing.”

The NH AG charged Spencer with violation RSA 659:34. He lied about his domicile/residence/abode/habitation/place-of-dwelling, you can pick one, on his registration form.

That is well and good. But he voted twice in a Federal Election. That is also a Federal crime, US Code 52, 10307.

The federal statute has $10,000 fine and jail time. It would be nice if the NH AG used the total leverage against Spencer to see if the standard practice of college activism which encourages thousands of illegal votes, election after election on NH campuses, scooped him up and trotted him to the polls.

Spencer pays a fine, does some community service, and off he goes – not being allowed to vote in a state he was not allowed to vote in to begin with.

Justice! And Maggie Hassan is a US Senator by 1,017 votes.

At least we have some baby steps.

Warning to all legal NH voters:
Choose the wrong candidates in the next election and you will see zero investigations of voter fraud thereafter – unless it’s politically motivated.