Support New Hampshire’s Rescission Resolution

Currently introduced in the New Hampshire General Court is House Concurrent Resolution 1 – “A RESOLUTION rescinding all requests by the New Hampshire legislature for a federal constitutional convention.”

Bill Text Here

Regardless of the intentions of any of New Hampshire’s previous applications to Congress to call a convention, the fact remains that a federal convention cannot be limited in scope, as Article V makes no distinction or recognition for a “limited” convention. Such a convention opens the Constitution to a potentially extensive rewrite or the possible replacement of it altogether just as the Articles of Confederation were thrown out and replaced by an entirely new Constitution at the original Philadelphia Convention in 1787.

Phone or email your state representatives and senators and ask them to SUPPORT & VOTE TO PASS HCR 1 in order to safeguard the Constitution from a potentially disastrous Article V constitutional convention.

Find Your State Legislators Here.

To learn more about why convening a federal constitutional convention WOULD BE A THREAT TO YOUR RIGHTS, please visit the STOP A CON-CON action project page.