More fallout and news from the lawsuit the Voter Integrity Project California and Judicial Watch won recently.

This is a group CNHT shares information with. The suit in California will open doors for a suit here in NH. Rockingham County, NH has more registered voters than citizens able to vote. Every step forward in this fight helps all qualified voters. It should be noted that the orders from Clinton and Obama to let everyone vote were first issued here in NH as well by – our NH Attorney General’s Office through then Assistant AG, Steven Labonte.

“The media howled when President Trump said that millions of illegals voters may have voted in the 2016 presidential election — but a new lawsuit has found one-and-a-half million illegal voters on the rolls… and that’s just scratching the surface.

To give you an idea of how big a problem it is, those million-plus registrations all come from just one county!

Los Angeles County has a population larger than 41 states…and it has a really big problem with its voting list.

The state of California has just admitted in court that almost one-third of the county’s registered voters shouldn’t be registered at all.

In fact, the county has 12% more registered voters than it has American citizens who are eligible to vote!

The problems have been piling up since Bill Clinton signed the National Voter Registration Act, nicknamed the “Motor/Voter Act” because it automatically registers people who sign up for a driver’s license…or welfare or disability.

Under the law, states have to remove voters who haven’t voted in the last two elections.”

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