by Ed Naile

The “Earl of Metzler” trying to scurry back to Massachusetts? Please, Randolph School District, take this incompetent fool and get him out of New Hampshire.

Coach Metzler has applied for a position south of the New Hampshire border. Many of us here in New Hampshire pray he wins this new job as their combative, domineering, superintendent. Metzler might be, at best, qualified as a softball coach, but if this MA school thinks he can pull off another stunt pretending to administer a public school with his out-of-control Napoleon Complex, good luck.

Metzler brings his brand of “us v. them” sports mentality to everything he does – except when he goes running to the local police to complain about people he can’t control. If someone has the audacity to criticize him, and they work at the school, he can take action against them. But when he is confronted with criticism from the public – right to the cops he runs. I know from experience. It was a laughable experience where Metzler suggested to Pelham, NH Police I might be sending him threatening letters. What a sad little man.

And if Randolph does hire this character – make sure there is a clause in the contract that says he can not create a new job just for his wife.

Good luck Coach Metzler, and hopefully, good bye.

Of course, this could simply be a trick to get another pay raise out of his cowardly, toady, Timberlane School Board. Don’t put that past them.

Deadline: January 10, 2019 for the vote in Randolph.