by Ed Naile

As we watch the predictable late voting and loophole ridden election in Florida’s races for Governor and US Senate it brings to mind another fiasco from right here in New Hampshire.

Florida Governor Rick Scott had ample time to address issues with the criminals running elections in Democrat strongholds. The current mess shows that even if he couldn’t have taken any measures to fix the process in his state, he was not prepared to face what is happening to him now. He had no discernible presence at polling stations looking out for his interests. Now he and other Republicans suffer at the hands of Democrat professional political saboteurs.

One is kind of compelled by common sense to put some of the blame on him.

And then we have the former US Senator from our state and once our Attorney General, Kelley Ayotte, who sat by and watched as the out-of-state vote in New Hampshire grew and grew. Some attorney General. No prosecutions, no investigations – zero credibility. She let the partisan Elections Division of her office run free, as they have for years. Now we have at least 10,000 non-resident voters on our non-public statewide database.

Ayotte even took one of the worst election law white washers, Orville “Bud” Fitch, with her to DC. He is back in NH “investigating” voter fraud right now.

I guess a US Senate seat wasn’t all that important to Kelley Ayotte. She didn’t even call for a recount after losing by 1,017 votes. That is a slap in the face to supporters.

Why should anyone support Republicans who deny or ignore voter fraud is beyond me. But that is the way it works and has for the 20 years I have been involved exposing it.

I have a copy of vote thief Carl Robert Gibson’s Kentucky driver’s license status from after he was arrested by the NH AG’s Office. He had a Kentucky valid driver’s license on him when arrested. So why was he listed as a NH resident? He was an active voter in Wisconsin voting state elections there and here in the same year?

Gibson was arrested for voter suppression in 2015 but got a sweet deal to plead guilty to forgery – so he can still vote and be active in dirty politics as he was when he first started stealing NH votes in 2012.

That is how the NH AG’s Office operates – no case of voter suppression here.

See how it works?