School District Governance Association Monthly Board Meeting

9:00 AM Saturday, November 3, 2018
Coalition of NH Taxpayers’ office
8 North Main St., #4
Second floor, Concord, NH

Meeting open to all SDGA members and friends interested in our mission.

**Board members are requested to RSVP** to make sure we have a quorum. Others are encouraged to reply.

**Reminder: parking fees in Concord went up July 1st, and free parking on Saturday has been eliminated. It now costs $1/hour in front of our meeting space, with a 3-hour limit. Please see the map for availability.


Call to order
Attendance sheet, introduction of new people
Approval of minutes (10/6)
President’s update
Legal insurance
School Funding Shell Game update
School board training
Seminar dates – restructure?

January 19 – Preparing for the Future of Schooling. We’ll explore such topics as school choice, lower enrollment, the internet, the role of teacher and parent, relation to technology, and privacy, among others. Frank will speak. Need to make progress on this. Should we have it? Ian to talk about School Funding and LF? Michelle on parent-directed learning including school choice options?

February 16 – Secrecy. What you can and cannot keep from the public. Non-public sessions. How to use right to know. Putting things in writing, having a quorum outside a meeting. Transparency. Consequences. The ways people will try to keep you from getting information.

March 16 – Relationship between Money and Results. How tests work, how they are validated, how they can be gamed, how to determine teacher pay and accountability when it’s hard to see what’s going on. How throwing more money to the school doesn’t get to the classroom.

April 20 – Nuts and Bolts of Budgets

Secretary’s report: Diane Lachance
Financial Officer’s report: Tim Jandebeur
Update on membership payments, golf tournament
Online and credit card payments
New Membership action: two new members

Committee Chair Reports
Accountability: Karen Testerman

Recommendations for changes to roles in Education Administrative Rules

Policy: Howard Coffman

Vote on three revised model policies: (attachments in 10/2 email from Howard)
Conflict of interest (new wording, legal review)
Data Management
Default Budget
Policy to Prohibit Aiding or Abetting Sexual Abuse
Policies in development
Communications: Skip Murphy

Teleconferencing options emails
Web site
Table-top sign
Curriculum and Assessment: Dana Buckley

Legislative Affairs: Doris Hohensee

Budget and Finance: Arthur Green

At Large: Sue Morin

9. Old business:

Core knowledge document
Updated bylaws
Corporate sponsorships: GraniteGrok
Need new Budget Committee chair
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Need NHSBA school board member handbook

10. New Business:

Should videos and seminar content be members-only or available to the public?
11. Other business?
12. Next meeting: December 1, 2018
13. Adjournment