From our friends at the Right to Know NH group. Please visit their website for more information on what they do and have accomplished.

Right-to-Know law (RSA 91-A) updated to streamline evidence submission process during litigation
Governor Sununu signed HB252 into law on June 25th.

This bill states when someone files a petition in Court that all documents filed with the petition and also any responses to the petition shall be considered as evidence by the Court. Additionally, all documents submitted to the Court shall be provided to the opposing party prior to any hearing.

This bill was drafted by Right to Know New Hampshire (RTKNH).

BILL SPONSORS: Rep. M. Smith, Straf. 6; Rep. Sylvia, Belk. 6; Rep. Berch, Ches. 1; Rep. Horrigan, Straf. 6; Rep. Cushing, Rock. 21; Rep. Hoell, Merr. 23; Rep. Backus, Hills. 19; Sen. Lasky, Dist 13

This change takes effect January 1, 2019.