Apparently, Gubernatorial Candidates Molly Kelly and Steve Marchand do not, and will not.

“Marchand, a former mayor of Portsmouth who ran for governor in 2016, said he will reject the so-called “pledge,” a long-standing, unofficial promise from New Hampshire political candidates that they won’t consider introducing a broad-based state income or sales tax.”

The Pledge is hardly ‘unofficial’ and those who take it and break it will stand to pay the price. But those who reject it at the outset are even worse.

CNHT has sent numerous requests to Candidate Kelly, which have remained unanswered.

As for Andru Volinsky, James Beard, Volinsky’s opponent for Executive Council in District 2, HAS TAKEN THE PLEDGE.

EC District 2 includes the city of Keene as well as the Monadnock Region towns of Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, Chesterfield, Dublin, Gilsum, Hancock, Harrisville, Hinsdale, Langdon, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson, Roxbury, Stoddard, Sullivan, Surry, Walpole, Westmoreland, and Winchester.