We’re sending this email BCC to all our members and supporters.

Some of us are working at the Newton Transfer Station and at Carriage Towne Plaza to spread the word about good stuff that has been going on in the School District over the past 3.5 years since NKTA founding, and to raise some $$$ through 50/50 raffles and memberships that goes to pay for our voter-info mailers each year. (about $3800! for our mailings that work well, to inform voters and to turn out the vote at the Deliberative and at the polls in Feb and March)

$3800 is a lot of money, and it’s meant a couple of good things:

– officials elected who want good education with fiscal restraint
– unexpended funds returned to taxpayers instead of spent in year-end spending sprees as in past years
minimized School tax increases
– School Administration committed to transparency, looking at outcomes for students and talking with their teachers…Wow! Imagine that!
– Please note that the NKTA mission is not just about your taxes going up a few hundred dollars a year…it’s also about school quality, property values, marketability, and the ability to retire here.

Some of you receiving this have not joined or re-joined yet, or given financial support in the past. Yet, many of you tell us you really like and appreciate the work NKTA is doing.

NKTA can use the support!

For those who will, go to www.NKTA.vpweb.com and join (only $20/year), contribute what you can, make a contribution to our scholarship fund ($5 or more for annual $500 scholarship).

You can get involved in the following ways…

– use NKTA information to encourage like-minded people to vote in person in February, and at the polls in March
– help campaign at election time
– give ideas and behind the scenes support
– run for office next year and in coming years

Here is an article that will be in the Carriage Towne News this week:

Sanborn District Update
Through My Lens
by Annie Collyer for the Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association (NKTA)

As the Sanborn Regional School District (SRSD) approaches the end of its academic and fiscal year, the NKTA can report that there is a lot in the works.

Fruition of the 2017-18 School Board (SB) Goals is around the corner.

Goal 1- Define Student Success. Instead of an amorphous and cloudy concept, the EISA subcommittee, spearheaded this year by Member-at-Large Tammy Mahoney of Kingston, has prepared a clear definition of student success for full SB consideration and ratification, on June 5. Future planning for the District will be largely determined by this defining.

Goal 2- After years of deferred maintenance for capital investments, the SB hired NESDEC to study the future enrollment and facilities needs and alternatives. Under the leadership of Jim Baker of Newton, the Facilities subcommittee will evaluate and recommend, based on the results to be presented in September.

Goal 3- Bring all School Board policies into compliance with NH regulations and District goals. Under the leadership of Dr. Pam Brown of Newton, the policy subcommittee is coordinating its efforts with the NH SB Association legal counsel.

All these goals are nearing completion, thanks to the SB and Administration headed by Superintendent Thomas Ambrose.

The definition of Student Success will be adopted at the SB meeting at the High School on Wednesday, June 5 at 6 PM. In addition, that night Superintendent Ambrose will present his Entry Study findings. To prepare, he has met with every District employee, from secretaries and custodians, to paraprofessionals and teachers, to Administrators as well as District parents and other community members and taxpayers.

He will present his findings on what is working, what isn’t, and what are his recommendations to take SRSD to the next level.

On the horizon are the negotiations with the unions representing teachers and support staff, that will come before the voters for approval next March. Staffing comprises about 70% of the total budget and historically contracts have amounted to 4.5% increases.

Please note: the last contracts that were passed two years ago would have dictated an automatic budget increase of about 3% for next year… Instead the Administration, SB and Budget Committee negotiated together for a proposed budget increase of only 0.6% this past March. Savings were found with efficiencies and staff reductions, mostly through attrition, due to the ongoing decreased demands of our declining student enrollment.

The Budget Committee, chaired by Annie Collyer of Newton, met to begin to gather existing budget information to lay the groundwork for its work in the Fall, to prepare and present a proposed budget to the voters for FY 2019-20. Their next meetings are June 7 and June 28, at the High School.

NKTA is a NH non-profit organization that disseminates information to voters throughout the year and does mailings at voting time. Mailing costs are paid by member dues and contributions. To join, please see www.NKTA.vpweb.com or inquire on our Facebook page.