Did the governor of NH really think he had to ask the supreme court if requiring proof of residency to vote was constitutional?

What is NH coming to?

by Ed Naile

As NH one again descends into the nonsensical debate over a word not even in the New Hampshire State Constitution regarding the qualifications of voters, that would be the word “resident,” the arguments of the pro-voter fraud crowd get even more foolish.

Take the claim that having a legal resident of our state actually hold a valid driver’s license here is the same as having a “poll tax.”


It is the law and it is a fact that a permanent resident of New Hampshire must declare a specific street address as his domicile either to vote or drive in this state. Just because NH election officials have a political agenda that engages legislators in word games while they look the other way and non-residents vote here does not change the reality of the situation.

But our people in charge of New Hampshire state colleges certainly charge out-of-state residents out-of-state resident tuition because those out-of-state residents can not legally state they have a New Hampshire domicile. Check the NH Residency Form For In-State College Tuition.

Instate Residency Form

So out-of-state resident college tuition must be a FOOL TAX?

Why would anyone pay out-of-state resident college tuition in New Hampshire if the words “domicile” and “resident” are used in the same state form? Is it even legal to charge out-of-state college tuition?
Should we pay out-of-state resident college students back for defrauding them?

Or are NH election officials and colleges cherry picking where they choose to play their word games?

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