by Ed Naile

Another voter fraud investigation by the NH AG’s Office and another laughable conclusion.

This same Anne Edwards of the AG’s Office was part of the 2001 investigation of out-of-state college students who voted in NH, and within days, unregistered and who then re-registered or stayed registered in their home states. This would be the same “investigation” The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has been exposing since we got our hands on it. No one was prosecuted then because they did not “intend” to vote illegally. Since that disaster investigation the old trick of unregistering after stealing a NH vote was dropped because now we consider out-of-state college students legal voters. They are not.

In 2000 CNHT was given a fist full of returned envelopes from a previous General Election in Deerfield where out-of-state AmeriCorps workers were bussed into Deerfield. All of them voted from a non-existent address on a non-existent road. Nothing was done about that bus load of out of state voters. That same package of envelopes was turned into the NH AG. Twenty returned envelopes, all with a fake address. No AG investigation. The only investigation was by CNHT.

Secretary of State Bill Gardner witnessed out-of-state AmeriCorps voting in his ward in Manchester and talked about it in a media interview a few years ago. I guess there was no investigation – since we don’t know how they got there, bus or car.

I was with James O’Keefe when he delivered several hours of documented voter fraud video to voter fraud beneficiary Maggie Hassen’s corner office. Here is a fun fact about that incident:

Caught on tape, caught on his own camera casting an illegal absentee ballot, caught using other public documents and records, Colorado Springs, Co. resident Hugo E Palma has yet to be investigated or prosecuted for voter fraud. Maybe Bernie Sanders workers from out-of-state are considered the new “domiciled” but not “resident” voters.

Once you have an investigator like Anne Edwards taking a phony investigation to a rigged NH Ballot Law Commission, all you have is a cover story, a laughable one at that.

Where are the thousands of returned same-day voter envelopes sitting in the AG’s Office since 2012, 2014, 2016? The ones where the voter had no ID?

If the NH AG wants to investigate something they could try this:

Match the NH green card holders who have NH driver’s licenses with the secret statewide voter database and see how many non-citizens are voting. Then take that to your ballot law commission.