by Ed Naile

As NH breathlessly closes in on Secretary of State William Gardner’s big voter fraud reveal, scheduled for some time in June, people keep asking me, “What do you think he will find?”

Let me give my best answer.

Back in November 2017, Orville “Bud” Fitch was hired to investigate any cases of voter fraud.

This means Fitch, who whitewashed or ignored every election law violation pointed out to him I know of, is somehow tasked with investigating current instances of voter fraud.

That makes “Deep State NH” sense.

In 2005, Democrat activist, Geoff Wetrosky of South Dakota, was staying at Kathy Sullivan’s single-family residence on 92 Mammoth Rd. in Manchester when he was caught stealing political signs and stashing them in his car’s trunk, parked on the Sullivan property. He begged the Manchester Police to let him go – they did. He told police he was leaving and asked to let him keep a clean record. That happened.

But this low-life voted from the Sullivan single family vote fraud motel while he was sign stealing. And Bud Fitch’s Election Division took no action. Even with the crime of stealing signs and admitting he didn’t live at the Sullivan single family vote fraud motel – Geoff – got off.

In 2008, Geoff Wetrosky was back in NH campaigning, and again he stole a vote at the notorious 1200 Elm St. “Vote Fraud Factory” in Manchester, along with most of the principals of Hilltop Communications, the outfit running the first failed Clinton campaign.

If Fitch couldn’t prosecute Wetrosky, or any of the thousands of other out-of-state vote thieves when he could, he has no business investigating in 2018 – unless looking the other way is his current job as well.