Fellow Taxpayer,

Election Day Tuesday March 13 is a crucial day for the Sanborn School District and taxpayers.

Re-electing Dr. Pam Brown (Newton) is very important to maintain balance on the School Board. Pam is being contested for her seat, because those who have wanted to spend and spend as a solution for poor performance know that the balance is dependent on this vote. Please do all you can to give her a resounding victory!

This year, NKTA is not weighing in on town issues and candidates. 70-80% of our property taxes are for the schools, and school performance continues to lag while spending outpaces state norms, and our kids, community and teachers deserve better.

Pam has stood for measured results for measured spending. She has at times in her tenure been a lone and very brave voice. Today, she is helping to shape the future for our District and its results for kids and for taxpayers.

Also up for school official re-election, and needing your votes, even though uncontested, are

Sandi Rogers-Osterloh for Kingston – Budget Committee
Annie Collyer for Newton – Budget Committee

Please go to the polls on March 13 and support these recommended candidates, in a BIG way.

Absentee ballots are still available from the Town Halls if you will not be able to get to the polls!

Vote on March 13. Help make a difference in our District, and in our towns.

For more information, attached are candidate statements from Pam and Annie, Carriage Towne News Articles and the NKTA mailer sent to Newton households. With the snow, mailer delivery has been delayed.

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