by Ed Naile

It looks like the bullying of a potential political opponent on top of the bullying of her daughter has ended over at NH’s most superintendent-dysfunctional cooperative school. That would be Timberlane – back in the news again.

The top Timberlane school bully, Earl Metzler, who poses as a professional school superintendent, has relinquished his sloppy attempt at keeping a candidate for school board out of “his” school. Even the hint of another person on the school board who is not a total lackey had Metzler in a panic, so he did the only thing he could do – order an investigation into that candidate and keep her out of his territory.

This is so Metzler.

Every municipality, every state, every school, is susceptible to posers like Earl Metzler, the school softball coach turned school superintendent. Take a look at the Broward County Sheriff for an example of another incompetent elected official who runs his money burning operation like his own personal political machine. They both fit that mold.

Metzler is a standout in NH. Hopefully, your town or school will not be taken in by someone like him. Always look for personality flaws like narcissism and vindictiveness in any candidate for a position with so much power over a school.

PLAISTOW — Restrictions placed on a candidate for the Timberlane Regional School Board during an investigation into a Facebook post she made last April have been lifted.

Superintendent Dr. Earl Metzler restricted Plaistow mother Maxann Dobson’s access on school property earlier this month.

“I have lifted any restrictions placed on the parent that wrote and posted the message on Facebook,” Metzler said. “Her testimony acknowledging how inappropriate it was and willingness to take responsibility for it is appreciated.”

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