by Ed Naile

Former NH Speaker of the House, Bill O’Brien, the gift that keeps on giving!

Remember when The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers gave Bill O’Brien the “Golden Hammer Award” for his successful effort in preventing an income tax by erasing the Democrat $800 million deficit? Kudos to Republican conservatives as well.

Check Bill O’Brien’s latest accomplishment:

Sanders Campaign Fined by Federal Election Commission

His complaint to the FEC about the four Australians Project Veritas caught on camera working on the 2016 NH Primary campaign hit the jackpot! The Sanders campaign had to pay a $14,000 fine for violating Federal law regarding foreign nationals giving “something of value” to a US candidate.

Can this really be true? Pinch yourself New Hampshire voters. Bernie Sanders admits he knew foreign nationals were working on his campaign and a Federal statute was enforced.

Every time I see Bill he mentions his “lost” FEC complaint. Well now we know where it went.
We are now officially light years ahead in the world of prosecuting voter fraud in our state. Of course, it shows you might need confessions and video to prove it to election officials – but “what never happens” – did – in fact – happen.

Thanks to Project Veritas (Please come back, we have some projects for you.)

Thanks to Bill O’Brien and James O’Keefe as well!

I’m sending this to the Aussie newspapers who were so good about covering this when it happened.

As a side note: you know they probably voted here, the Sanders crowd was encouraging it in their other volunteers. Project Veritas and CNHT caught that activity and documented it in Manchester during this same investigation.

Documentation of Sanders FEC Agreement