by Ed Naile

We all know, from media reports, how Delta Airlines submitted to pressure regarding the recent school security failure at a massive 3,000-student high school in Florida. The huge student factory had a single, incompetent, coward, for a “resource officer.” That “officer” was supervised by the now totally discredited, and apparently mentally unstable, elected, Broward County Sheriff.

But did you know how Delta was brought to its knees and who did it?

Try that famous progressive petition factory – poses as a non-profit but it is a well-funded political organization that has millions of “members” who robotically send and sign progressive petitions to targets of the Left. This is who spooked delta into losing millions of dollars – a web-based pressure group with no pressure, except emails.

Who funds

According to Wikipedia, one of the top sources of cash to keep the scheme going is Virgin America, an airline.

And Virgin America, from Wikipedia, is:

The Alaska Air Group acquired Virgin America in 2016, at a cost of approximately $4 billion. The company is currently operating Virgin America as a separate airline and a sister carrier to the company’s other subsidiaries, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. The Alaska Air Group plans to fully merge Virgin America’s operations into Alaska Airlines by April 25, 2018, at which time they will be single airline.

And who is Alaska Air Group…

Virgin America “code-shares,” partners, with two state-owned Communist Chinese airlines:
here and here.

In effect, Delta Airlines fell for a scam. It will cost them millions of dollars from real customers and elected officials in states that give Delta Airlines tax breaks like the one in Georgia – that funds public schools there.

But that isn’t enough. NO.

An airline that works with state-owned Communist Chinese airlines helped pay for the fake petition factory,, that scared Delta.

Wake up American corporations!