by Ed Naile

How about a re-cap of some of the NH college students used by the progressive candidates and pro-nonresident voting non-profits.

Stephanie C. Sinclair 2004

Remember her? This Keene State College student from Boston was elected to the New Hampshire House and managed to get on the Election Law Committee. She sat in a Committee meeting and wanted to make sure I knew her car had Massachusetts plates because it was her parent’s car. When asked about her driver’s license Stephanie was not so forthcoming but did resign from the NH Legislature shortly thereafter. She was a protégé of Rep. Chuck Weed of Keene. Weed is the guy who makes his own election forms for students to use – ones without a perjury clause.
We don’t know what happened to her.

Vanessa Sievers 2008

She won an election in Grafton County and became the no-show County treasurer. What a laugh for the Dartmouth students. They showed the locals who was smart. Progressive Democrats who voted for her don’t brag about that election much. I wonder if she puts her political career on her resume? It probably doesn’t mention not showing up. (See the quote on the front page from the Dartmouth newspaper)

NH Officials Question Treasurer’s Commitment

NH Officials Question Treasurer’s Commitment

Vanessa Sievers

Hannah Rivers 2013

Lead petitioner (UNH) in the case of student voters presented to now former Superior Court Judge John Screwy Lewis. He resigned as a NH judge after making disparaging remarks about female attorneys. This was the case where Lewis invented the term “Mobile Domiciles.”
Hannah seems to be waiting tables, post UNH:

Hannah Rivers on LinkedIn

She doesn’t mention being a voting rights activist – used by the League of Women Voters. Some future in that, eh Hannah. She is back at home now.

Annemarie Guare 2015

Maine resident, UNH, lead petitioner used by the NH League of Women Voters to sue for out-of-state student voter rights.

NH Supreme Court

This is the Super-enfranchising student voter case we are currently trying to figure out. It gives special treatment to out of state students paying out of state tuition who can keep a driver’s license from another state and vote here. This is the best the pro-voter fraud crowd has done yet. They established two types of voter, one who is domiciled here, one who is just here to vote and visit.

The Guare case also overrides the election and residency laws of 49 other states, subjecting non-resident student voters to problems back home – like double registration other people can use in their place. But the NH progressives don’t care about that, or the hapless students who think they were “empowered,” not simply used.

Annemarie Guare is currently involved in “Holistic Legal Services”??? and this:

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I hope the future holds more for all the next batch of non-domiciled students in NH used as election fodder by their friends the Democrats.