by Ed Naile

Ladies and gentlemen who serve on this NH jury – meet:

Isabella Katherine Arms, dob 4/29/1998, 63 Pine mountain Road, Ridgefield, Ct. 06877.

This dean’s list Ct. student is a burgeoning political activist working to forward one of the NH Democrats most dear-to-their-hearts issues – Super-enfranchisement of out-of-state college voters.

Isabella writes:
Our Turn: HB 372 will drive millennials away

“Denying us our constitutional right to vote in the state or making it harder for us to exercise that right doesn’t make us feel like welcome members of the community who want to stay here to live, work and raise our families. It alienates us from the place we call home.”

Isabella makes a sympathetic symbol of oppressed students not smart enough to vote at home – which is, in fact, quite pathetic.

Isabella managed to vote in Ridgefield, Ct. on April 26, 2016 in the Connecticut State Primary – before she voted here in NH in Durham on November 8, 2016 – where her college Super-enfranchised vote counted more than in her legal domicile in Ct.

Now, Isabella is a NH Democrat activist and I welcome the chance to show New Hampshire voters how thousands of voters like Isabella take advantage of their Super-enfranchisement.

Let the super-pathetic defense of Super-enfranchised out-of-state student voters begin. Can any progressives make a super-non-laughable case of Isabella disenfranchising a New Hampshire citizen?

I would love to hear it.
Senator Shaheen stands with potential vote thieves.

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